Aurora Borealis
Śrīvidyā Kriyā Retreat
MARCH 20-24, 2025

Come explore transformative practices while immersing in the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). The Aurora Borealis is an ecstatic experience of the sky coming alive. Witness first hand the energetic flow of the macrocosm dancing into the microcosm. 

This is a supercharged once in a lifetime opportunity to integrate the ethereal and awe-inspiring aurora with the profound practices of Śrī Vidyā Kriyā.

What is Śrī Vidyā?
"Śrīvidyā is comprised of two words, Śrī (auspicious) and vidyā (wisdom) and is a path of philosophy and practice centered on the goddess known as Lalitā Mahātripurasundarī."

                      Although Śrī means auspicious, it refers to the principle of creation that is eternally and universally worshiped. Lalitā Devī (also called Devī ) is the personification of the ubiquitous creative force. Whoever we are, wherever we come from and whether we are aware of her or not, we worship Devī in our desire to survive and thrive. The desire to live, create, and prosper drives not only humans but every animate and inanimate form of creation. Śrīvidyā is the path that brings us to the realization of Śrī, the all-pervading principle at the heart of reality.

                            The word vidyā (the feminine noun) also refers to the mantra of a feminine deity. Accordingly, Śrīvidyā also refers to the central mantra of Śrī, which is known as the Pañcadaśī (comprised of 15 syllables). Importantly, Śrīvidyā is a path to nirvāṇa or liberation."

~ Fractals of Reality: Living the Śrīcakra

What is Śrī Vidyā Kriyā (SVK)?
With the blessings of her beloved Śrī Guru, Dr. Kavitha Chinnaiyan has developed a unique system that she calls  Śrī Vidyā Kriyā (SVK).

SVK harnesses the power of the Śrī Vidyā dīkṣā mantras in a specific sequence that takes the practitioner from ordinary discursive awareness to progressive opening into unity consciousness. This process is mediated by the synergistic application of various postures, breathing techniques matched with each of the mantras and seals of energy known as mudrās. 

Based in timeless Yogic and Tāntrik principles and cutting-edge neuroscience and psychology, SVK is meant for radical transformation of the body-mind. Combined with The Renegade Method™ of self-inquiry, ritual as taught in The Sublime Art of Pūjā, and the Heart of Wellness lifestyle, SVK provides a complete system of practices (upāsanā). 

There are 3 current levels of SVK. Level 1 will be taught at the Aurora Retreat.

Retreat Overview

Steeped in the practices of SVK, we will drive into deep darkness to await the arrival of the captivating lights. Hosted at a private location with an Alaska native professional photographer, we will have magnificent and unobstructed views of the sky, as well as opportunities to “chase” the lights. 

Our nights will be filled with magic, wonder and awe through sādhanā and communing with the cosmos. We will arrive back to our accommodations in the early morning hours where we can rest and allow the spirit and beauty of the lights to bring us even deeper into the incredible SVK practices. 

Prerequisites: By Invitation Only 
In you are interested in attending this retreat, and have received initiation from Kavithaji or her Guru Śrī Caitanyānanda Nātha Saraswati or another Śrī Vidyā lineage, and are actively incorporating the teachings in your daily life, email  

Other prerequisites include POINT and Demystifying Tantra course.


Dates: March 20-24, 2025
Starting with dinner on Thursday, March 20 and ending with brunch on Monday, March 24.

Retreat Includes:

  • Accommodation in a private lodge for 3 nights
  • 3 Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) tours (including guide and transportation)
  • 2 meals/day plus mid-day snacks
  • Teachings & Satsanghas

Retreat does not include the Flight to/from Fairbanks or Gratuity for Aurora tours 


Shared: Double/triple or quad in the lodge
COST: $2,700

Single: In upscale treehouses. Please note that these are still rustic with no running water. Water is provided for drinking, washing hands, dishes and cooking, and there is a dry flush toilet in each. There is also access to a shared bathhouse and laundry facilities.
COST: $2,700



The remainder is due january 15, 2025.


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