Self-Study of Śakti Dancing: Kuṇḍalinī and Cakras

Original Art by Kavitha Chinnaiyan

In this one-of-a-kind course, we will explore the mystery, science, knowledge, and understanding of Kuṇḍalinī, the force and Grace of awakening to the highest truth. 

This foundational course is a must for anyone interested in non-dual Śākta and Śaiva traditions, with a focus on attaining the correct understanding of Kuṇḍalinī, which is fraught with misunderstanding, myth, and fear. We will explore the origins of the word and its meaning in non-dual Śākta and Śaiva traditions along with an in-depth exploration of cakras, which are commonly thought of as the wheels of energy in the subtle body. Leaving aside modern, popular and colloquial interpretations of the cakras, we will delve into them in the most direct and practical way - what do they mean in our day-to-day life and in spiritual practice? When can we truly say that a cakra has been explored fully in our experience? 


Dr. Kavitha Chinnaiyan, the founder of Svatantra Institute, will lead you through the theory, application and practice of this great science.  It is with great honour that Svatantra Institute also welcomes Dr. Sumit Kesarkar as a guest teacher for this course. Dr. Kesarkar is an Āyurvedic doctor and founder of the first of its kind searchable database based on sanskrit phonetics, an author, and a yogi. Roaming the Himalayas, he works towards the conservation of medicinal plants, local health traditions and ancient Hatha Yoga practices. His teachings are based in non-linear methods expounding on the quantum algorithms of Veda, Tantra, and Yoga. His work, including videos of travels across the Himalayas, Āyurveda, and practical applications of mantra, breath, and yantra can be accessed at


With a true understanding of Kuṇḍalinī and cakras, we will be equipped to employ this knowledge in any path, any facet of life and in any circumstance, since nothing in life or existence is outside the scope of Kuṇḍalinī śakti. 

This intensive course is deeply empowering and transformational through the exploration of progressively deeper concepts, practices, the darśana or the View of the path, and intimate discussion with like-minded practitioners.

During the course, you will learn the Kuṇḍalinī Stavaḥ from the Rudrayāmala Tantra. This deeply devotional hymn to Kuṇḍalinī awakens within us the necessary will to dissolve the small self at the altar of Her magnificent feet to rise us, rouse us, make us formidable warriors on the inner journey and empower us to awaken to Her absolute brilliance. 

This is a self-study course and includes a gorgeous e-book, audio recordings of the chant, recordings of meditations and homework exercises. 

Although pre-requisites are not mandatory, at least one of the following is HIGHLY recommended in order to understand the course material. 

  1. A reading of Fractals of Reality (Chinnaiyan K. Sfaim Press 2022),  Shakti Rising (Chinnaiyan K. Nonduality Press, 2017) or Glorious Alchemy (Chinnaiyan K. New Sarum Press, 2020) 
  2. The Science of Cakras Wisconsin Workshop Self-Study
  3.  Fractals of Reality Self-Study Course
  4.  Lalitā Sahasranāma Self-Study Course
  5. Foundations of Non-dual Tantra Course

All courses are available at a 50% discount for those enrolling for the current course (links will be provided upon enrollment). 

No refunds will be issued once purchased. Thank you for your understanding.


The course impacted my thinking by illuminating where my focus needs to be in order to live more freely and truly transform–which is today, my attention should be devoted to facing and addressing all the areas of my life that prevent me from turning inward effectively.

Vasant Lad, BAMS, MASc, Ayurvedic physician and author of The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies

The key concept presented here was application. This course effectively took the concepts of kundalini and cakras and showed how to approach them practically. In this sense, something that formerly felt mystical and inaccessible was brought squarely into view and the prompts given were an invitation to immediately draw the wisdom into day-to-day life. In this sense, the course was deeply empowering.

The teachings were rich with applicable tools that I can use in every aspect of my life. The understanding of Kundalini and Cakras helped me see how bringing awareness to my patterns will help me free myself from my own conditionings. I want to pay attention to the attributes of each of the Cakras and see how each of those show up in me.

This course made me more focused on being free from my small self by bringing more awareness to everything and moving toward discomfort.

The workshop has prodded me to go within, to know that there is more than just what skims the surface. That how we LIVE our lives is key i.e. application of the concepts versus simply ‘knowing’ them. To practice humiliation, discomfort, and actually seek them out. To know that we can be unlimited, and that we create our own limitations. It has already influenced my life in a big way. My practice will become more disciplined…I know I will be learning and including the aksharmala practice in my daily meditations.

Looking through the lens of the chakras as portals into our shadows. The myriad of ways we self deceive, keeping us stuck, from evolving through the higher centers.

My brain feels wider. My fire for these teachings has been rekindled.Something is happening in my openness.

The workshop shifted my understanding of kundalini and chakras. What really struck home was the understanding that kundalini awakening is about turning inwards. I will most focus on applying the self-inquiry arising from the understanding that our social, moral, cultural conditioning limits us and stands in the way of feeling the energy of desire.

Thank you for this deeply impactful course. I really appreciated the attention to detail with the workbook, bija practice taught, integration and practice sessions and the flow of wisdom in the class.

The teachings around seeking discomfort stuck with me the most; I will have that as a practice for the rest of my life!

 I really gained so much clarity, and felt like I grew in so many ways, beyond my wildest imagination. Everything felt so new, so fresh, and so *clear.*

The course had an impact on my understanding of how I create my own meaning of life and what I really want – to realize myself. But to get there I really have to empty myself – declutter on every level of my being.

This was a completely amazing course. The best part is that I think we can implement all the concepts in our daily life. Reflections on our own pattern, practices what we have learnt it all really was practical. With dedication and focus it can be applied. The mantra, each Devi associated with it and how it is linked to SRI Vidya was amazing to know.

It has made me more centered with my practices and life.

This course has expanded my thinking into a more holistic view of cakras and KUṆḌALINĪ. Instead of thinking about it in an abstract mystical way, I was invited to understand how my thoughts reflect where my energy is stuck and how I can work with it in a practical way by contemplating on the concepts in the context of my life and the choices I make. My capacity to shift my understanding and change the way I make choices is a result of such contemplation and application of the teachings. The accompanying resources, including the hymn and the practice of meditation have been very helpful as well, particularly in the cultivation of single-pointedness that is required to allow the wisdom to sink in. It helped me to slow down to learn new practices, to reflect on each aspect, and to see how it relates to my own experience. With each course with Kavithaji, I learn that single-pointedness is crucial in overcoming obstacles in my own sādhanā, such as boredom, agitation, doubt, and fear, to name a few. The practices taught in this course helped me refine this understanding further and to seek to expand into new ways of being and acting in the world.

Application from the course teachings will be to bring awareness to my actions and thoughts and recognise when it’s moving outward.  Maybe in time it will be possible to find a way to shift the movement inwards.

I learned more esoteric concepts and lineage specific practices that were new to me. As well as substantial refinements to the definitions of kundalini and chakras.

I find in practice my view of kundalini and chakras is more expansive and continually focused on introspection and contemplation rather than the Western practices of oils and stones and postures.

 It gave me a deeper understanding, knowledge and the connection to something I earlier saw as isolated islands. I got a bigger picture and dug deeper at the same time. I received more profound teaching about mantra sadhana, the concepts about our vrittis in the cakras and how they are connected to our progression. There was so much I learned. So many new learnings.

 I loved learning the Sanskrit Alphabet as it will help me to proceed in my mantra sadhana.

Everything in the course was new and from the standpoint of practical use and empowerment.

This was as deeply transformative as any other course by Amma. The teaching was a clear and powerful transmission along with the chanting and the contemplation. I will revisit this course many times. Thank you so much.

Everything was significant, the application of the alphabets, significance of each chakras with names of Devi representing each one, with elements, number of petals in each one, and in relation to the Tattva map.


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