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Imagine the universe as a grand symphony, a swirling dance of energy where everything vibrates at its own unique frequency. From the tiniest atom to the vast expanse of galaxies, all is movement, a harmonious interplay of sound and vibration.

This ancient wisdom finds voice in Tantrik philosophy and Nada Yoga, where sound is seen as a powerful force shaping our reality.

Even your name, seemingly just a collection of letters, resonates with a unique frequency, a personal signature woven into the fabric of the universe.

But the power of vibration extends far beyond your name.

Every cell in your body, every organ, and even entire systems like your nervous system thrum with their own specific frequencies. This symphony of vibrations within you influences your health, well-being, and even your emotions.

VakMap™ draws on this profound understanding, unraveling the secrets hidden within your name, creating a personalized "sonic map" that reflects your strengths, challenges, and the very essence of who you are.

Think of it as the sheet music of the personal soundtrack that is YOU.

This innovative system analyzes the unique resonance of your name, creating a map that reflects your strengths, challenges, and the very essence of who you are.

Understanding self:  VakMap™ goes beyond traditional personality tests, using the power of sound to provide a unique perspective.
Understanding Relationships:  Ever wondered why you click with some people and not others? VakMap™ provides specific insights into compatibility, fostering stronger connections.
Living an Empowered Life: What are your unique gifts? What are you here to do? What spiritual techniques would work best for you? What specific actions do you need to take to realize your full potential?  By understanding your resonance profile, you gain valuable self-awareness, empowering youself on your path to personal growth and freedom.

How Does VakMap™ Work?
1. Name Analysis:  VakMap™ employs special algorithms and tantrik principles to dissect the sounds and vibrations within your name.
2. Your Sonic Signature:  Based on this analysis, a unique sonic profile is generated, representing your personal vibratory blueprint.
3. Personalized Reading: Personalized interpretation of your profile reveals key personality traits, strengths, and areas for development.
4. Personalized Guidance:  Based on the unique patterns identified by the algorithm, personalized guidance is given, including mantras specific to you alone, specific application pathways, lifestyle changes and rituals, shifting mind patterns, self-inquiry tools and higher knowledge.

VakMap™ isn't just a personality assessment; it's a transformative tool for the highest self-discovery and creating a life of abundance, expansion, beauty and harmony (auspiciousness or Śrī).

VakMap™ is currently available only in 1:1 work with Dr. Kavitha Chinnaiyan for individuals engaged in her teachings.

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"VakMap™ gave me insight into my unique challenges and growth opportunities. The individualized insights are surprising in their clarity" ~Joanne

"VakMap™ gave me both the confidence to dream bigger than I have ever imagined for myself and the practical tools to realise that vision." ~Sarah Anne

"VakMap™ has uncovered patterns that were previously hidden. Now I can excavate the layers that cover and conceal who I really am."

~Pam Jones

"VakMap™ has provided me with a deeper understanding of my underlying motives in life." ~Brandi Thompson

"The joy of the journey of self-discovery through VakMap™ is a beautiful and worthwhile ride." ~Joann Engelberth (she,her)

"I love how practical VakMap™ is! It has offered clear insights into every aspect of my life." ~Tatiana Lokis

"VakMap™ has served me as a map, informing and guiding my inner process as I engage with the world." ~Vanitha R

"The day I received the VakMap™ reading was a moment of empowerment." ~Tanuka Gupta

"I was really struck by the potency and accuracy of my VakMap™ reading. Everything in my life has changed" ~Sarah McDonnell

"My VakMap™ reading has been a powerful mirror into myself, my patterns and my ancestry." ~Laura Humpf 

"VakMap™ is an incredible tool for self-discovery and Sadhana. It is an utterly transformative process." ~Sara D

"It was extraordinary how my VakMap™ could reach deep into my ancestry and accurately name the dynamics at play in my experience of this life." ~Kristen B

"After my VakMap™ reading, I feel huge relief, excitement, humbleness, and new ease in how all things come together." ~June Berntsen

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