July 9

Broken Mirror – Tatiana Lokis


 July 9

I thought I was loving, 

yet I gave away openness of heart for the semblance of security

I thought I was resourceful, 

yet I gave away authenticity for a much-desired raise

I thought I was smart, 

yet I gave away honesty for a ‘good deal’

I thought I was caring, 

yet I gave away connection and demanded complacency

I thought I was free, 

yet I gave away power for expectations placed upon myself

I thought I was generous, 

yet I gave away abundance, eagerly coveting its return

I thought I was beautiful, 

yet I gave away my gift of uniqueness and envied it in others

I thought I was open-minded,

yet I gave away discernment for satisfaction of conviction

I thought I was kind, 

yet I gave away understanding for quick-fix solutions

I thought I was original, 

yet I gave away creativity for another’s vision 

I thought I was compassionate, 

yet I gave away freedom to learn your lessons

I thought I was courageous, 

yet I gave away the joy of gradual discovery for the rush of excitement

But She cannot be fooled.

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