Pitṛpakṣa: Healing Ancestral Trauma Self-Study Course

In this seminar, we will explore the importance of Pitṛpakṣa, the dark fortnight where deceased ancestors are honored through specific rituals. We will understand the importance of this practice beyond material benefits, and as the springboard for progress on the inner journey. We will learn a simple ritual and a meditative practice to release deeply held patterns that propagate limitations through generations.

Pitṛpakṣa is a 16–lunar day period in the fall when we pay homage to our ancestors. The purpose of this tradition is to not just appease generations of our ancestors in another realm, but also to free ourselves of kārmic bonds. Ordinarily, even when we are aware of this tradition, our focus isn't on the internal freedom from ancestral patterns that keep us bound. In this workshop, we will explore the role of this tradition and how it can be used to turn inward and to learn to discard deeply held beliefs and patterns that keep us from experiencing joy, freedom, and lightness. 

This 4-hour self-study workshop includes the seminar recording, along with handouts, homework, and a guided meditation. In this workshop you will learn simple practices and rituals that can be used in daily life to understand kārmic bonds and gain freedom from them. 




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