In the Svatantra Institute, a crystal mind is defined as one that is clear, sharp, and free of misconceptions and discursive thought. A crystal mind is cultivated through deliberate work on quieting the mind and then inquiring into its contents. The beauty of working on the mind is that the results spill over to the body and the heart!

Crystal Mind

Level I


In this 5-day course, we will explore the fundamentals of self-discipline through the yamas and niyamas of the Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali. In addition to the most common interpretations of the yamas and niyamas, we will delve into their subtleties through practical examples, homework, contemplations and group discussion. No matter what one's spiritual path (or no path at all!), this course will be useful.

The course will take place on consecutive days - December 8-12 6 PM CET (12 PM EST). All classes will take place on Zoom, and recordings made available thereafter.

Level II

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