Svatantra (sva-tun-trah) is a Sanskrit word that means many things: independence, independent, self-willed, absolute…

Citiḥ svatantrā viśvasiddhihetuḥ

“The independent (svatantrā) Absolute Reality (citiḥ) is the cause (hetuḥ) of all functions (siddhi) of the universe (viśva).”

Pratyabhijñāhṛdayam, Verse 1

The Absolute Reality here is personified as Śakti or the Great Goddess.

Sva means “of the self.” Tantra can mean instrument, technique, weave, warp or authority among other things. Sva-tantra is thus the instrument of the self and that which is weaved of the self.

Śakti weaves the universe of her own self.

Isn’t it true that we too weave our universe out of our own self? The difference is that our universe is conditioned and curtailed precisely to the extent of our limited powers of expansion and openness that are dependent on various external factors. On the other hand, Śakti’s powers are infinite and unlimited because they are absolutely independent and unconditioned.

In other words, svatantra is the difference between our universe and THE UNIVERSE.

Svatantra or absolute independence is the supreme goal of life. We inherently seek svatantra in all areas of life – physical, emotional, mental, financial, or any other goal.

This Institute is the platform for the discovery of svatantra through the marriage of the highest esoteric and mystical nondual teachings with their practical and mundane application in daily life. In courses, retreats, pilgrimages, and workshops, we explore the unseen and untouched aspects of Reality through study, practice and community and bring them back to the crests and troughs of life.

Ultimately, liberation while being embodied is the goal of these teachings. This is the path of ecstatic self-discovery while being also fully engaged in life, with busy jobs, families and other commitments that provide the perfect grist for the mill for applying the teaching where it matters the most. This growing community of practitioners inspires and uplifts, and supports and upholds the container for svatantra.

May you find the treasure that is you.

"What I had been seeking all my life was the end of seeking."


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