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The thousand names of Lalitā Devī contain all the secrets of the universe!



This course [Lalitha Sahasranama] opened my eyes and heart to the beauty of the LSN. Taking the course has given me a much deeper understanding to its meaning. Sometimes I find myself crying when I recite it and don’t know why and simply let the tears flow and my body shake. Thank you so much, Kavitha, your teachings are transformational.

I have had fairly extensive learning and practical training in tantric practices but still found this course [Shakti Rising] an absolute treasure trove of information, insights and knowledge coupled with the most practical, real, deep and potentially transformative homework practices I have come across. It is very important to have read the book Shakti Rising first but then this course will definitely change peoples’ lives if applied with commitment, resolution and sincerity.

This is one of the best courses [Fractals of Reality] I have ever taken. Kavitha simplified the teachings into chunks and made it practical to our day to day life – fractals of reality. Each day was in a way unlearning and learning to move a step closer to reality. It is not a course. It is a teaching of a lifetime. Thank you Kavitha.

The S̄rī Sūktam course touched me so deeply that I can hardly describe what is happening. There has been a great shift in consciousness and the whole day looks different. It radiates and shines through me as if the sun is shining in all my encounters with others. I no longer run empty. The colors are different, the sounds are different … every day I go through the homework, contemplate, do a meditation and chant the S̄rī Sūktam several times. It is a joy to do. I thank you for your wisdom from the bottom of my heart. It has drastically changed my life and practice.

I’ve been going through some deep emotional releases and I know that thanks to this course [Kali Mahavidya] I could observe them with patience. I often remind myself about Kali’s graveyard and that gives a certain feeling of calmness and beauty inside. Life is even more of an adventure now.

Deeply grateful to be able to learn this [Durga] suktam from you. Devi truly has blessed me with this one especially at the time when I am blocked by that inertia you mention here.

I cannot express my gratitude in words but please know that I am extremely grateful to know you and learn from you. Since I started this pooja [The Sublime Art of Puja], I am seeing a lot of positive changes.

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