Bhuvaneśvarī Mahāvidyā self-study course

"Bhuvaneshwari gazes with magnetic, compassionate eyes that perceive the space in which creation happens. Just as a screen forms the background that a movie is projected onto, Bhuvaneshwari provides the space in which Kali’s dance of time takes place."

-Shakti Rising (Nonduality Press, 2017)

In this self-study course, we delve deep into the adoration and vidyā (wisdom) of Bhuvaneśvarī, the fourth Mahāvidyā (Great Wisdom). Utilizing the Bhuvaneśvarī yantra as a reference point, we will explore the history, iconography, practice, and higher understanding of this great goddess. Importantly, this course will provide the basis for meeting Bhuvaneśvarī in our day-to-day mundane life. 

This course includes learning how to draw the yantra and use it in sādhanā. 

***Please note that there is no initiation or transmission of the Bhuvaneśvarī mantra, which should be received from the guru via a one-on-one relationship. ***

Pre-requisites for this course include:

1. A reading of Shakti Rising by Kavitha Chinnaiyan (New Harbinger Publications, 2017), 


2. The Shakti Rising Course.  The Shakti Rising Course is available at 50% off upon enrollment (no retrograde discounts, please)

Cost: $150


Artwork: Kavitha Chinnaiyan

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