Self-Study: Śivoham! Cultivating Awareness and Insight

This foundational course is a must for anyone interested in nondual Śākta and Śaiva traditions, with a focus on the most important practice - cultivating awareness. Ordinarily, we assume that this primary practice "happens on its own" as we go about perfecting other practices such as mantra, mudrā, prāṇāyāma, and meditation. On the contrary, all other practices become exponentially more effective through the cultivation of awareness and sattarka, which is translated as sound or higher reasoning. 

The nondual Śākta-Śaiva traditions provide a systematic method for cultivating awareness and insight through the understanding of the relationship between the Self and the objects of the world, the contents of the mind, and with the self (notice the use of the capital S and the small s in the word "self"). With the progressive deepening of awareness and insight, there is a release of the mass of contractions that influence how we view the world and ourselves. 

This 4-week course will be deeply empowering and transformational through the application of progressively deepening practices and the darśana or the View of the path. 

We will work deeply with the Nirvāṇa or Ātma Ṣaṭkam during this course, the famous composition of Jagadguru Śrī Ādi Śankara in answer to the question, "Who are you?" These six verses will become the basis for the exploration of the Self or the Śiva tattva. It is through the progressive exploration of the relationship between the Self and the objects of the world and mind that we will come to rest in the lived understanding of the Śiva tattva. 

This course will also include handouts, audio recordings of the chant, recordings of meditations, and homework exercises. 

Although pre-requisites are not mandatory, at least one of the following is HIGHLY recommended in order to understand the course material. 

1. A reading of Shakti Rising (Chinnaiyan K. Nonduality Press, 2017) or Glorious Alchemy (Chinnaiyan K. New Sarum Press, 2020).

2. Fractals of Reality Self-Study Course.

3. Lalitā Sahasranāma Self-Study Course.

4. Foundations of Non-dual Tantra Course (housed on the Embodied Philosophy platform). 

The Fractals of Reality Self-Study Course and the Lalitā Sahasranāma Self-Study Course are available at a 50% discount for those enrolling for the current course (links will be provided upon enrollment). Please note that there are no discounts for the Foundations of Non-dual Tantra Course. 

No refunds will be issued once purchased. Thank you for your understanding.

Course Logistics:

This is a self-study course and can be completed at your own pace.


Art: Kavitha Chinnaiyan


This is far-reaching.  I will continue to re-listen and study the material.  Four weeks went by too quickly!  It shored up my sadhana, and I will continue with these practices.

Added new and beautiful tools to increase awareness in my daily life. Also it gave me powerful new insight into understanding this tradition.

Helped me to deepen my understanding of the teachings and the view.

This course has turned my world upside down. Suddenly I understood that the space I experience during yoga nidra, nadi shodhana is the silent space of Shiva. Through the meditations I can now experience this even better. The energy in my body is also more palpable. Eating twice a day gave tremendous clarity and focus to my mind. My thoughts are clearer, patterns are more visible and dissolve immediately because everything flows away from me, like running water. At the same time it feels like caring and cleansing. I sleep less so I can get up early effortlessly. I can now suddenly experience the explanation about udana. In addition, I experience space to listen to someone else. So yes, I feel very rich and satisfied. I am extremely grateful that Kavitha can explain these lessons so well to me and that I can immediately use them in my daily life.

This course was beyond what I could have imagined. I am still amazed by the quantity and quality of the information provided—some of the most clear, concise, thoughtful and useful spiritual teachings I’ve ever encountered. This course completely `reset” my spiritual practice and I plan to continue with many of its suggestions (daily meditation, walks, two meals a day, shivarpanam) every day. I’ve been given so many tools to truly USE in moment to moment life experience to cultivate awareness. While the “prerequisites’ ‘ presented in Nirvana Saktam could appear as overwhelming in the sheer number and challenge of integrating them, the practical way Kavithaji broke it down made me feel like I could make an honest start and that in itself was a worthy endeavor. Bravo Kavithaji and the many team members supporting and making the course run seamlessly. This course was beyond generous and, indeed, the ride of a lifetime.

Inclusion of a daily meditation on Sivoham in my practice and gradual learning of the Nirvana Shatakam will impact my life. I will continue to explore all related tantric concepts and further refine implementation in my daily life.


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