Śrī Sūktam Self-Study Course

hiraṇyavarṇāṁ hariṇīṁ suvarṇarajatasrajām,
candrāṁ hiraṇmayīṁ lakṣmīṁ jātavedo ma āvaha.
tāṁ ma āvaha jātavedo lakṣmīmanapagāminīm,
yasyāṁ hiraṇyaṁ vindeyaṁ gāmaśvaṁ puruṣānaham.

Invoke for me, O Agni, the radiant Śrī, who shines like gold, yellow in hue, wearing gold and silver garlands, blooming like the moon, the embodiment of wealth. O Agni! Invoke for me that unfailing Śrī, being blessed by whom I shall attain all modes of abundance.

In this 8-part course, we explore the magnificent S̄rī Sūktam, a hymn from the Ṛg Veda that celebrates and venerates Śrī, the source of all abundance, radiance, and beauty in creation. In this course, we will learn the correct way to chant the Śrī Sūktam, while delving deeply into its meaning.

Importantly, we explore what it means to live life fully, take a stance of openness and abundance, cultivate true generosity of the heart, and conquer our own limitations. Two verses are explored per class through the lens of one of the 8 Lakṣmīs (Aṣṭa Lakṣmīs) to understand the application of key principles in moment-to-moment practice. Course materials include recordings of the classes, the audio recording of the Śrī Sūktam, and daily recordings of the hymn as taught in class (with call-and-response repeated for optimal learning), meditations, homework assignments, and a rich glossary that includes Sanskrit terms and phrases used in the class.

Please note that there will be no initiation or transmission of seed mantras, which should always be received from the guru via a one-on-one relationship.  

Course dates/time: This is a self-study course.

Course Fee: $199 

While there are no pre-requisites for this course, one of the following is recommended:

1. Read either Shakti Rising or Glorious Alchemy by Kavitha Chinnaiyan,  OR

2. Take either the Shakti Rising Course or the Thousand Names of Lalitā Course, both of which available at a 50% discount (link provided upon enrollment). 


…Incredible. Like the whole universe has conspired and aligned for me to hear this and come to learn this from you – very grateful…

Class was really profound , they way you explained it makes us realize how we can make ourselves into better human beings.

Thanks so much or bringing the splendor, and glorious energy of Shri.

Thanks so much or bringing the splendor, and glorious energy of Shri.

Thank you! Thank you! You are amazing. What a blessing to be in class.

Beautiful class….want to revisit again and again…

Thank you for the profound session! So much to reflect on on what true generosity and poverty mind really means. The grounding effect of the meditation lasted long after the session.

Can’t put it in words… actually I have no words, I felt so grateful that your words could touch my ears. Utmost gratitude…

The class was just amazing! Every word that you say is a treasure to us. Your rich knowledge and ability to splice it to it’s simplest form so that we are thoroughly engaged makes your class spell binding.

So grateful! you give everyone so much! Thank you. Everything was perfect!

The immediate impact was the desire to be rooted in my life circumstances and not to run away from it. It gives more balance to my sādhanā. I am much more grounded now with a sense of proper direction.

It has opened my heart to things sacred in my life and has led me to see how I am being caught up in my vikalpas and stories. Kavitha has made me more receptive to grace.

This course has helped me continue the introspective work that I began in earnest with the Kālī Mahāvidyā course earlier this year. Śrī is no less demanding and in some ways maybe more intimidating than Kālī – time and death are all inclusive; wealth and beauty, at least on the surface, not so much. This course has forced me to come to terms with uncomfortable emotions like envy and resentment and try to deal with them honestly. It also cleared up some of my misconceptions about Lakṣmī and clarified that she is not limited to being only the wife of Viṣṇu but can also be appreciated from a Śaiva perspective as the Great Devī herself. I really enjoyed this class and found it timely in my spiritual journey.

I was completely enthralled by the content and Kavitha’s delivery of it. It really elevated my understanding and perspective about the Goddess energy.

After this course my life has changed a lot. I think more clearly about things, tidy up a lot at home, on my laptop, mobile, and relations. My saṅkalpa has tightened up. Things have suddenly started flowing into my life. I have never heard of ŚRĪ SŪKTAM before this course and I am so grateful that I was able to follow it. The depth and richness of the words and sounds is indescribable. I am so grateful for the lessons.

 It is impossible to put into words the impact this course had (and will continue to have) on my life and practice. Everything about it deepened my understanding of the Devī , the path, the practice(s) and my enjoyment of all of it. I am deeply grateful.

Kavitha has initiated the practical application of age-old writings from the Hindu scriptures. I believe she has taken this birth to spread her learning so generously. She wastes no time in getting to the root of issues, but is also gentle to make you think about the resolutions yourself. I am indebted to her to make us question our ideas and inherent beliefs etched into our life and habits. One has to take the course to understand what a treasure she truly is.

ŚRĪ SŪKTAM had a profound effect on my relating with the present moment. I had a clearer understanding of how I act from a ‘poverty’ mind and I now practice abundance. Learning the chant was very beautiful. Thank you, Kavitha.

Learning about the ŚRĪ SŪKTAM was like unwrapping a precious gift and finding more treasures within. Dr Kavitha Chinnaiyan’s ability to take the ancient wisdom and marry it with everyday application helped me understand the true nature of abundance, responsibility and reciprocity. By including powerful meditations, I was able to assimilate the teachings. By teaching us how to chant the correct way and the esoteric meaning behind the verses, I could see how this teaching would shift the way I viewed prosperity and remove the barter system with the Divine Śrī.

The missing link of steadfastness or daily discipline is finally established. It’s effortless now. I have finally worked out what my practice is. Everything is unified as one. All her forms are one. All my Gurus are one. I am one. No more confusion on diversity. My Sadhana is to remember and practice this oneness. Moment to moment awareness like you have taught us. Each moment is a yagna ahuti. What joy it is!

It is exactly what I needed to unlock the tenderness of the heart which is such a powerful force for transformation.

What is really resonating is the need to take responsibility. Also, the theme of misogyny perpetrated by women and the epigenetic, nervous system and science connections are recurring in my mind stimulating my contemplation. I’m using the guided meditations in my daily practice. Thank you so much!

The wealth of ancient wisdom that lies hidden within the esoteric meanings of the ŚRĪ SŪKTAM, passed on only through a teacher to a student, has immeasurably enriched my life. The ŚRĪ SŪKTAM has become my map for how to live a life of love and abundance.

The course makes me realize who Lakṣmī is and my heart is filled with joy and the energy of abundance.

It touches me so deeply that I can hardly describe what is happening. There has been a great shift in consciousness and the whole day looks different. It radiates and shines through me and I find courage to go through resistance and take up new things. It is as if the sun is shining between all encounters with others. I no longer run empty. Everything sings and radiates. The colors are different, the sounds are different … Every day I go through the homework, contemplate, do a meditation and chant the Sri Suktam several times. It is a joy to do. My husband and I are in love again. From the bottom of my heart I thank you for your wisdom and for passing on these lessons. It has drastically changed my life and practice.

I love the way Kavithaji can bring these incredible chants into our daily lives. My whole concept of abundance has been transformed.

It feels like I’ve entered a magical bubble once again with you Kavitha! I feel as if I am in your flow. It affects how I think, how much more at ease I am, how much more I actually feel in love in general. Things seem to turn out nice around me these days. It is as if the glow and flow from you also reaches not only me, but also the people around me. Strange, but real. Ever thankful. I am so filled with gratitude that you are in my life.

Kavitha’s teachings in this course have been the most impactful ones I’ve encountered so far. I love her crystal clear and incisive teachings; it’s really quite unlike anything I’ve ever known. It was so beautiful the way she made this suktam come to life, and I hope to become increasingly aware of, as well as aligned and immersed in the sweet flow of life.

This course made me see the need to fall into the flow of life.

I’ll be able to chant the Sri Suktam in the correct way. That’s a skill I’ll have for life.


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