Navrātra Online Retreat: June 2023

Welcome to the June 2023 Navarātra Online Self-Study Retreat!

Once a month, we are gifted with 10 consecutive nights and days of energy that is highly favorable for inner/spiritual work. These nights are known as Navarātra (nava = 9, rātri = night).  These nine nights are counted after the new moon every month and of the twelve every year, four are considered especially auspicious for spiritual aspirants. 

While there are many stories and legends associated with Navarātra, the most important aspect of this time is the evolution of consciousness from the depths of inertia, stagnation, and deeply embedded self-sabotaging patterns to first, freeing dynamism and then stillness infused with sweetness and contentment. While any day and any time of any day is auspicious for sādhana or spiritual practice, Navarātra enhances this practice to give it additional vigor, enthusiasm and powerful cosmic energy. 

In these times of unrelenting engagement with work, family, and a constant stream of stressors, Navarātra can become a steady anchor that brings us back to our life purpose, our intention for practice and study, and provide the much-needed respite from the non-stop barrage of to-do lists and tasks. 

Practically speaking, it is impossible for most of us who are householders to take off 10-day periods every quarter for self-care! However, it does not need to be an all-or-nothing phenomenon. Instead, we can use the energy of Navarātra to reset while being in the world through a gentler reset. This is the purpose of the Navarātra Online Retreat. 

This retreat is structured to provide a framework for the deep exploration of a selected self-study course and practice at home while being gently guided and engaging with other like-minded practitioners. The beauty of this structure is that it can then become a model for long-term practice on your own while bringing the teachings and insights into where it really matters - the moment-to-moment unfolding of life. In this fashion, life and sādhana inform each other. Eventually, the difference between the two dissolves, and all that remains is the continuous opening to the beauty of life. 

The next Navarātra Online Retreat will take place during: June 18-27, 2023.

During this retreat, we will dive into the Fractals of Reality course, exploring the Śrīcakra. 

The Śrīcakra is known as the King of Cakras because it is the perfect map of the macrocosm reflected in the microcosm. There are various ways to understand the Śrī Cakra, but from the standpoint of nondual Śākta Tantra, we can examine its intricacies in ways that are immediately relevant and applicable to our sādhana.

We will examine the philosophy and structure of the Śrī Cakra, at a pace of one āvaraṇa per day through the auspicious chant known as the Khadgamāla Stotram, a central hymn of the Śākta tradition known as Śrīvidyā (auspicious knowledge). 

It is said that this powerful stotram, for the right practitioner, can be the equivalent of the lengthy and auspicious Śrīcakra pūjā.

In this 10-day online retreat, facilitators will support your journey with daily satsangs, activities, and prompts. 

We will start our mornings in meditation and a guided movement practice, follow with a mid-day mantra practice and keep our focus with daily contemplations.  We will close each day with a satsang and Q&A where we can share insights and learn from each other.

All sessions will take place over Zoom and recordings and other materials will remain available on Ruzuku after the retreat.

The retreat will be led by Joanne Tognarelli, who is a long-term student of Kavitha and Svatantra Institute, who is an ardent upāsikā of the Śrīcakra.


Included in the June Navrātrī 2023 Self-study retreat:

  1. Access to the entire Fractals of Reality Self-Study course 
  2. Focused study of the Śrīcakra. 
  3. Daily facilitated morning practices.
  4. Daily facilitated evening satsaṅgas.
  5. Daily chanting sessions.
  6. Daily evening discussion sessions with Joanne and senior students.
  7. Weekend intensive sessions and evening satsaṅgas with Kavitha.
  8. Closed FB group to learn and grow with other retreat participants. 
  9. Homework and other materials.

All sessions will take place over Zoom and recordings and other materials will be available to review all year.

Cost: $430 (includes the entire Fractals of Reality Self-Study Course)

If you have already taken the Fractals of Reality Course, the cost of the retreat is $300


Although pre-requisites are not mandatory, a reading of Fractals of Reality: Living the Śrīcakra is HIGHLY recommended in order to understand the course material. 

No refunds will be issued once purchased. Thank you for your understanding.


Scholarships are available on an as-needed basis. Please apply here.

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