ash-blood: a woman's path of ecstatic wisdom

What would you give to become embodied in ecstatic wisdom?

Centuries of repression and suppression have contributed to women losing access to creative energy that is supposedly natural to us. It has long been assumed that because of our inherent creative potential, we (women) require no real teaching to allow it to flourish.

Consider this...

...nearly all texts of spiritual traditions provide pathways and teachings for men to harness this energy by engaging with us in particular ways... and yet, no specific guidelines are provided for us on how we can harness this for ourselves. 


...creative potential remains largely unexplored in women, even on spiritual or self-developmental paths.


...women manifest the effects of a Maladaptive Erotic Network (MEN). To clarify, "erotic" here refers to creative potential or energy.

MEN is the result of being out of touch with our primal creative energy, which results in dispersion of life energy in erratic ways and manifests as:

  • disease of the mind and body
  • the needlessly complex ways in which we interact in relationships
  • externalized and internalized misogyny
  • rage, envy, fear, delusion, greed, shame and judgment
  • a general sense of ennui, dissatisfaction
  • the burden of disappointment arising from not fulfilling our potential

How do we heal from MEN?

To heal from MEN, we need to access these pathways and work on freeing them of the conditioning that keeps us entrapped in limitations and perceptions that prohibit living a life of ecstatic wisdom.

Ash-Blood is a systematic, algorithmic and non-linear approach of accessing primal creative energy through specific approaches that rewire our neural and hormonal pathways. Ash-Blood opens us to immeasurable beauty and nectar through the seemingly measured portal of the woman’s body.

This systematic method works on the body-mind through nourishing practices and approaches that:

  • rewire the neurohormonal pathways of the body through lifestyle 
  • expand the mind through judicious and non-linear self-inquiry
  • open the heart to the clearest perception of love, connection and generosity 

Why Ash-Blood?

The non-linear approach of working with MEN comes from the oral practice traditions of the Indian subcontinent. 

In this tradition:

  • blood and the color red is associated with Śakti (or Shakti), the supreme feminine principle that is the creative energy of the cosmos 
  • ash or the color grey is symbolic of Śiva (or Shiva), the supreme masculine principle that is the container of the creative energy

When ash and blood mingle, creation begins, evolves, and expands in ecstasy and beauty.

Ash-Blood is the path of discovering the mingling of the supreme feminine and the supreme masculine within the parameters of a woman's body-mind.

It is the path of transmuting desire to ecstasy.

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