May 14

Heal Your Heart May 2015 Retreat – Reviews


 May 14


I feel very fortunate for being having attended the annual Heal Your Heart retreat at the Colombiere Retreat Center in Clarkston, MI.

Matt and Kavitha are extremely gifted beings. The idea of “divine love” and “stillness in action” were once theoretical to me…Divinity flowing through people? Is that possible, and why don’t I perceive it? I can now confidently say that it is humanly possible. Kavitha and Matt exemplify these expressions their presence and service. The stillness/love/acceptance that one feels in being with this dynamic unified duo is indescribable. I hope that everyone who is inclined to attend a retreat with Matt and Kavitha have the opportunity. “The proof is in the pudding,” as they say.

An aspect of their approach I appreciate very much is that is focused on effective and non-sectarian methods that anyone can use to accomplish anything and everything that we aspire to. While the form of our individual aspirations may be different, the practices offered are universal in practice and effective in revealing the greatness in everyone.

I’m in such awe and gratitude for Matt and Kavitha. Their willingness to share these powerful practices is inspiring. I see Matt and Kavitha as vehicles for divinity and its magnificent expressions of peace, love, harmony, well-being, and revelation.

Matt served as a continuous reminder of the light-hearted nature of living, while liberated and infused with joy, which appears to fill him to so much that it overflows and runs into me. Of course his sharp wit and hilarious persuasion are incredible attributes which enhance this effect to magnificent proportions. I was laughing from the depths of my soul during a good portion of the retreat, thanks to Matt. Although he is a very funny fellow, it is apparent that he is also infused with timeless wisdom. To witness the two joined in this one is uniquely awesome.

Kavitha’s influence on me is impossible to put into words, but a man can try. She overwhelms me as a fountain of intelligence. Not only is she well educated, she shares practical wisdom which is clearly based on authentic, integrated experience. Her approach includes all aspects of yoga, and she is incredibly gifted in her ability to communicate insight in a very simple and straightforward way.

Personally,  I feel that there is nothing that can be hidden from Kavitha’s razor sharp intellect. Not that I would wish to hide anything from her, but if she were to use her abilities of inquiry in a non-dual way and see the contents of my mind, I could see myself blushing. She has seen that a few times and she seems to enjoy it immensely. Her piercing eyes often appeared to be looking through me, as if I were a transparent apparition dancing in her unbounded awareness. Innate to this experience is not only a palpable absence of judgement, but an all-pervading sense of acceptance and love.

The Heal Your Heart retreat was such a beautiful experience. Everyone who attended was so kind and open to me. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

– Chas


First and foremost, Matt and Kavitha really run a great show. Together, they make a terrific team. Matt’s humor keeps things light, and Kavitha’s inquiry keeps things deep. The best of both worlds. After 3 years of seeing them in action, I am more than satisfied and will be coming back for more.

Even though I missed the practice sessions on Friday, I got a good night’s sleep and rolled smoothly into Saturday morning. The sessions on Saturday were full of bliss and purification, and the Q&A opened up the floor for fertile discussion. One interesting addition was the self-inquiry body scan, in which we were guided through a spacious exploration of our awareness, and how it expands far beyond our local body.

In the middle of the day, we applied Byron Katie’s formula of self-inquiry to situations in our life that were vexing us. I used her method to deconstruct my dissatisfaction with certain neo-Advaita teachers. The results were clarifying. I realized I need to worry less about them and focus more on my own practice and teaching platform. Alas, the greatest enemy is within.

Saturday night we had a bonfire, and thanks to Kathy (co-retreatant), I was able to play her guitar and do some sing-alongs with the group. We also told stories and made a bunch of jokes at each other’s expense. True humility, gut-busting laughter, and authentic cheer.

On Sunday, after the final practice round, my perception had further refined into pristine, holographic mode…seeing everyone and everything as a reflection of myself, and seeing the perfection of our innocence, our efforts, and our evolving character. (Actually, I remember contending recently with another practitioner that the world is not perfect, but now I see his view as equally valid: the world is perfect…precisely because we are abiding by cause and effect across a boundless field of stillness).

Anyway, there is much gratitude and inspiration to pay it forward by doing a retreat in Florida.

Thank you to all who attended, and once again, to Kavitha and Matt for putting on a top-notch performance.

– Cody



I shed tears of gratitude for the most profound weekend. My most humble and heartfelt thanks to Kavitha, Matt, and, of course, Ann for making the retreat happen. I met the most gentle, courageous group of friends who leave me in awe.

– Christine


Thank you Kavitha and Matt for a weekend of profound learning. I have been using the meditation and healing techniques since I returned and am seeing great results. I can’t thank you enough for your help in my journey towards discovering myself. I thank everyone who was there at the retreat. Your presence was priceless.

– Sailaja

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