April 8

The Path of Transformation with Kavitha Chinnaiyan


 April 8

Tantra Illuminated's Hareesh welcomed Dr. Kavitha Chinnaiyan on a recent podcast to share her journey from growing up in a Shaivaite family to transformative encounters with Vedantic teachings and Advanced Yoga Practices, culminating in her profound engagement with non-dual Shaiva Tantra. The conversation explores her immersion into the teachings of Śrī Vidyā, guided by revered teachers, and how these experiences harmonize with her medical expertise and personal life. Kavithaji highlights the integration of spiritual practice with the rhythms of daily life, reflecting on the roles of mantra, ritual, and The Direct Path in the journey for self-realization. This episode brings light to the complementary nature of the progressive and Direct Paths in the revealing of one's true nature and the unique ways they can enrich a dedicated spiritual practice.

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