Svatantra YAtra

A yātra (pronounced yAH-trAH) is much more than a vacation. It's a sacred journey where the outer reality of the site fuses with our inner experience of the divine to transform us on all levels. To go on a yātra is to embark on a path that is mysterious and adventurous. We return from a yātra changed, not only because of the novelty of traveling to exotic lands, but because we've been touched by the grace of the sacred site.

Application for Svatantra Institute Himalayan Yatra 2024: Click Here

A spiritual pilgrimage known as Yatra can be life-changing, offering a multitude of benefits to those who undertake it.

Inner transformation:

  • Deepening one's spiritual connection: Yatras bring us closer to the divine, leading to a greater sense of purpose and inner clarity.
  • Self-discovery: Yatra enables time away from our day to day lives for reflection and self-inquiry, leading to a deeper understanding of Self.
  • Personal growth: The challenges and obstacles faced during Yatra are opportunities to practice resilience, patience, and compassion for ourselves and others.

Connection with others:

  • Spiritual seekers from all over the world come together on Yatra to learn, grow and create sangha.
  • Going to new places exposes Yatra's to different cultures and traditions broadening our perspective and understanding of the world.

Physical and mental well-being including:

  • Embodied expansion being in the powerful natural beauty and spiritual energy of holy sites.
  • Improved physical fitness and overall health through sustained walking and trekking in various terrain.
  • Deeper mental clarity and concentration through the focus and discipline required for Yatra.

Application for Svatantra Institute Himalayan Yatra 2024: Click Here

Planning and preparation are vital for Yatra. Here are some key aspects to consider:

  • Define your purpose: Why do you want to go on Yatra? Clarity about your interest is necessary before you apply for Yatra. Take time to consider what you really want and why you want it.
  • Mental and physical preparation: Yatra can be physically and mentally challenging so it is necessary to prepare your body beforehand and be realistic about what is possible for you. Daily exercise and disciplined lifestyle need to be practiced prior to the start of Yatra. It is also essential to cultivate a steady mind through meditation.
  • Openness and flexibility: Be prepared to embrace the unexpected. Travel often throws curveballs, and maintaining a flexible mindset will help you navigate challenges and maximize your experience.
  • Pack appropriately: Comfortable, durable clothing and footwear suitable for the climate and terrain are necessary, as well as appropriate clothes for visiting temples and spiritual sites.

The true essence of Yatra lies in the journey itself, not in arriving at a predetermined destination. Being in the unfamiliar opens us to limitless possibilities and the transformative power of seeking the divine within.

 Svatantra yatras are sādhanā intensive, and less about sightseeing. As we journey through some of the most sacred sites in India, we will dive deep into sādhanā, supported by daily teachings, pūjās, and practice, along with an exploration of the colors and textures of the country.

Note: This retreat has been intentionally designed for those interested in deep practice, and therefore, traditional sightseeing and shopping/free time has not been built into the Yātra schedule. However, there are opportunities to explore India on your own - before and/or after the Yātra.

Dates: October 12-24, 2024

Pre-requisite for attending the yatra: The Heart of Wellness Self-Study Course and The Renegade Method ™ (TRM)

Application for Svatantra Institute Himalayan Yatra 2024: Click Here

Pre-requisite for attending the yatra: The Heart of Wellness Self-Study Course and The Renegade Method ™ (TRM)

Application for Svatantra Institute Himalayan Yatra 2024: Click Here


Embarking on this yātrā with Kavithaji was nothing short of a magical, transformative experience. Her generosity, wisdom, insightful guidance, and ability to weave in stories and practices illuminated the significance of these sacred sights and allowed us to open to an elevated level of experience. She encouraged us to not only experience these places as tourists, but to allow them to internally expand us. I have been on other group trips to India before, but Kavithaji’s approach is on an entirely different level, where the teachings are brought to life in an authentic, experiential way.


Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! The experience of a lifetime! This is the furthest I’ve ever been from home and I had no expectations which made it uniquely special. India is a beautiful country with friendly and generous people and lots of action. Moving from place to place, from event to event, from moment to moment with no real idea of what was coming next kept me on my toes and allowed me to practice being in her flow. This yatra offered me a powerful experience of self reflection on who I was before coming to Kavithaji: controlling, anxiety stricken, fearful…to come to this place and have this experience of cultivating deep trust and faith in each moment has been an immense gift for which I am so grateful!


Attending the 2023 Himalayan Svatantra Yatra was an absolutely incredible experience. From the moment I placed a deposit, I felt the energies of the mountains and the temples calling to me, and I felt deeply supported on all levels through the preparation process. Upon arrival, every detail was meticulously attended to, and even though we undertook a series of quite strenuous activities in relatively remote areas, I always felt safe, held, and supported by Kavithaji and her support person, Yusufji. Visiting Kedarnath was an absolutely ecstatic experience for me, and being there surrounded by sisters devoted to this deep work, growing and expanding together felt like the greatest gift!


The Svatantra Institute Himalayan yatra is truly a unique and profound experience. All logistics and needs are taken care of so you can go deep within yourself and focus on the inner journey that is inspired by the power and magnificence of the Himalayas. Kavithaji’s presence and guidance throughout help guide you through the journey. The journey starts well before the actual travel with guidance on preparing yourself to make the most of such an extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime experience.


The Svatantrayatra exceeded anything I could imagine.  From the time I said I wanted to go, it was just fear, whether I can do it.  Whether it is resources or ability. Everything was possible, with faith things will open up and will get guidance. It all happened, and also the teaching.  The gratitude for the teachings of these places at the right time, which seeing a picture or reading would have not given.  The group allowed a lot of openings, flow, and love. So humbled by these women who traveled this journey individually and connected. Everything is possible. Just returned, and can see the impact, and the journey continues. Would say Yatra is not a Yatra without a Teacher and a group.  It is a soul journey alone, which is within and internally, although externally aligned with the group.


My first yatra and journey to India was glorious!  Being with Kavithaji and a group of extraordinary women was the perfect balance of support, encouragement and trust. I encountered fear, beauty and faith culminating each day with gratitude and love. I fell in love with life and myself! I experienced deep connection in extraordinary places with pure vibration of fulfillment in Kedarnath, Saraswati River, Rudraprayag, and the very small temple on top of a hill in Dunagiri. Almost a week since I have returned and I am still feeling bliss and joy. So much love and gratitude for Kavithaji Amma and her invitation and embrace to go on the Himalaya Yatra 2023!


For me, the Yatra was an amazing experience. Thanks to my teacher, I was able to immerse myself in the spiritual world and find a place where time does not exist. In my perception, the past, future and present have met on different levels. I could stand on a thousand-year-old footprint on the marble floor intertwined with the natural lines typical of this material and felt the energy flowing through my body. I could touch the 2500-year-old tree under which Sankaracharya meditated. The tree still grows, and its leaves never fall. Thanks to this magical journey, I could feel the immortal and collective spirit of the universe where everything exists in a NOW.  Thanks to my teacher I could enter the breathtaking temples, surrounded by the Himalayas: Badrinath and Kedarnath. Both of them left vivid images in me. It was only thanks to Kavithaji that special Puja rituals were performed just for us in them.


Being part of the Himalayan yatra with Kavithaji and the Svatantra Institute team was a truly exhilarating and transformative experience. The yatra was a labor of love and executed with impeccable planning and efficiency. The logistics and details were professionally handled and beyond expectations. Kavithaji made it a personally meaningful experience as she not only shared the historical and mythological significance of each of the sites but also gifted us precious insights and wisdom throughout the journey. The energetically powerful sites we visited, be it popular or quaint, helped me gain first hand knowledge of my own self in the context of ancient teachings.


In linear time this yatra was for 11 days, my experience feels like several lifetimes as I write this almost after a week since the Yatra ended. I am still yet to believe that I have been to all the places as I mapped them on Google maps just for a visual representation. This seems like a lifetime of experience, which is submerged somewhere inside me, and this comes out as visions, words, and bodily sensations. The majestic Himalayas, the pristine hum of rivers Saraswathi, Madakini and ever vibrant Alaknanda, she was our constant companion. The energies shift I felt when we sat at these glorious places where many great seers have left their energy for us to realise.


Any words fall short in front of the experience I had in this Himalayan Yatra. The palpable energy and feeling of expansion is still present within me even after weeks. The feeling of losing all my layers of ego while trekking up to Kedarnath, the sweetness and longing I felt while traveling to badrinath, the calmness and centeredness when climbing to mahavatar Babaji cave, the mixture of excitement, calmness, contentment, orgasmic energy, and centeredness while visiting the prayags, Nostalgia and sweet feeling in Rishikesh are only few but many more to mention. The energy traveling with a refined spiritual Teacher and sadhakas can only be attained by Grace. I’m so grateful for this opportunity and Grace.


I still vividly remember seeing an email that talked about the Himalayas Yatra and immediately felt the strong urge to be a part of it. I did not know what or even why…but I was sure I wanted to be a part of it. And am I glad to have signed up. The experience was nothing short of exhilarating, fun, enriching and a lot more but most importantly for me it helped me connect deeply within. Kavitha Amma’s excellent knowledge about each and every aspect, her selfless strive to guide and unconditionally love, kept me enthralled throughout the journey.

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