June 22

Heart Hands – Love Story


 June 22

Sometime ago, I asked my amazing, wise, fantastic friend to make me an art piece. She is the co-creator of Living Unbound and author of this cool blog. She made this – Heart Hands, symbolizing giving from the heart. Meanwhile, I had started working on a poem that came in a flash of inspiration. When I received Heart Hands, it was astonishing to see how the poem and the sketch went together. To me, Heart Hands represents the most Supreme of all love – devotion. Devotion to our highest ideal, that which inspires us to reach for the greatest of all knowledge – the knowledge of the Self. Devotion that inspires us to give from the heart and to give up all that is negative and dark – surrendering our ego, ignorance and pain to receive in return light, love and bliss. This poem describes this great love story, as it happened to me:


Stumbling, a dark cold night
Shrinking, melancholy, sheer fright
Maze of questions, “Is this it?”
Must find answers, can’t yet quit

A flicker of light, a faint glow
“Come to Me”, unambiguous now
“Where?” “How?” ask I
“Take one step and I’ll take five”

Courage and trust the Voice seeks
So right and pure and good it feels
Surrendering, that lonely night
A leap of faith into the Light

What to name that divine One
Guide, Friend, Self, love?
It matters not, what is in a name?
Becoming That, the only real way

Remains true to His word, He does
Five steps to every single one
Enticing, luring, goading, showing
Unexpected glimpses of Infinite Glory

Longing, desperate and wordless
Intense desire to become That
To know it for what It is
Love and light, peace and bliss

An offering made every minute
Take it all now, please take it
Ignorance, ego, fear, rage
Destiny re-written, a brand new page

Not long, the spark now a blaze
Of moments, hours, days
The Voice gaining hold
A promise long foretold

Dark days a distant dream
Light and love fill the being
Pathway to That painstakingly built
The veil of illusion lifted bit by bit

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