June 11

You And Me


 June 11

There is the you and here is the me

Clothed in layers accrued through being
Our visions blurred by veils unseen
Seeing you through such clouded eyes
You mirror me so well in woe and glee

When we wore the garb of actors here
We didn’t notice our true selves disappear
Identifying deeply with the roles we play
Posturing helplessly in pleasure and pain

Conspiring through lines of the act
Falling in and out of love at the drop of a hat
Helplessly and inexorably carried upon
Shifting colors and changing forms

There is the you and here is the me

For a moment we put our masks aside
No roles to play, eyes open wide
In unashamed nakedness we rest a bit
With relief, from this endless skit

Peering through clear eyes, it seems
That I am you and you are me
For under these guises, you see
We have been in love for an eternity

There is the me and here is the me

These roles we play oh so well
Serve only to bring us to this place
Where it is safe to step behind the veil
So we may forever rest in divine grace

Until that time, my ally and guide
We’ll fall in love one day and out the next
Even as we learn to set our garbs aside
And return to where we never left

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